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Class 1, Jan 29, 2018
Buy the book - “Strategic Management 3rd edition Concepts and Cases”
Download - “Supplemental Readings in Strategy”
Download - Business Policy Game manual
Class 2, Feb 05, 2018
Generic strategies
Rothaermel, Chapter 6 "Business Strategy: Differentiation, Cost Leadership, and Blue Oceans"
Supplemental Readings, Chapter 7, "Generic Strategies"
Profitability, Scale and Learning
Rothaermel, Chapter 1 "What Is Strategy, and Why Is It Important?
Mini case - Threadless: Leveraging Crowdsourcing to Design Cool T-Shirts
Class 3, Feb 12, 2018
Financial Measures handout
Economic Value Creation
Supplemental Readings, Chapter 2, "Value Creation and Appropriation"
Frank Rothaermel, Chapter 5, pages 117-122 "Economc Value Creation"
Bertrand and Cournot
Bertrand and Cournot - Two models of oligopolostic competition. THIS READING IS OPTIONAL
Class 4, Feb 19, 2018
Organizational Structure, Change, Culture and Control
Rothaermel, Chapter 11 "Organizational Design, Structure, Culture and Control"
Forecasting model spreadhseet
Class 5, Feb 26, 2018
Industry Analysis
Frank Rothaermel, Chapter 3 "External Analysis: Industry Structure, Competitive Forces, and Strategic Groups"
Chapter 1, “Competitive Strategy”, Porter, M. E. (1980), Free Press
Supplemental Readings in Strategy: Chapter 4 "Porter's 5 forces"
Supplemental Readings in Strategy: Chapter 5 "More on Bargaining Power of Buyers"
Exide case (up to "Manufacturing, Employees, and Facilities")
Accounting exercise
Accounting exercise
Class 6, Mar 05, 2018
The Resource Based View of the Firm
Frank Rothaermel, Chapter 4 "Internal Analysis: Resources, Capabilities, and Core Competencies"
Supplemental Readings in Strategy, Chapter 6, "The Resource Based View"
TeleDanmark in 1995
The Air Express Industry
Airborne Express in 2002
Frank Rothaermel, Mini-case 13 "From Good to Great to Gone: The Rise and Fall of Circuit City"
P-score weights
360 Evaluation #1
Class 7, Mar 12, 2018
Nucor in 2001
Frank Rothaermel, Mini-case 8 "From Circuit City to CarMax"
Class 8, Mar 19, 2018
Mid-term exam
Business plan
Class 9, Apr 02, 2018
Business models
Frank Rothaermel, Chapter 5, page 129 "Popular Business Models"
Frank Rothaermel, Case: "Barnes & Noble vs Amazon"
Dixons - Dealing with on-line retailing
Stihl Chain Saws - Thriving Outside the Big Box
360 Evaluation #2
Class 10, Apr 09, 2018
Frank Rothaermel, Chapter 8.4 "Corporate Diversification: Expanding Beyond a Single Market"
First Grayhound, Then Grayhound Dial, Then Dial...
Case "Sony vs. Apple: Whatever Happened to Sony?"
Class 11, Apr 16, 2018
Frank Rothaermel, Chapter 9 "Corporate Strategy: Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances"
The Hanson Trust
Honda and Triumph (pt 1)
Vertical Integration and Transaction Cost Economics (TCE)
Frank Rothaermel, Chapter 8.2 "8.2 The Boundaries of the Firm"
Frank Rothaermel, Chapter 8.2 "8.3 Vertical Integration along the Industry Value Chain"
Supplemental Readings, Chapter 8, "Transaction Cost Economics"
Swiss watchmakers - Time is money
Class 12, Apr 23, 2018
The Home Video Game Industry: From Pong to X-box
Network Externalities
A.I. report assignment
360 Evaluation #3
Class 13, Apr 30, 2018
Case "Google Inc.: Figuring Out What to do with China"
Decision tree exercies exercise
Class 14, May 07, 2018
Class 15, May 14, 2018
Final presentation slides - due the day before the presentation
360 Evaluation #4
Class 16, May 21, 2018
Final exam - part 1 (~60 minutes)
Final exam - part 2 (~90 minutes)