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Change in modality

As you are I'm sure aware, this week the University has decided to suspend in-person classes and use distributed or fully online instruction from March 16th-27th.

I anticipate that the University will continue in this distributed or fully online modality for at least a month and an working to transition the remaining course materials accordingly.

I am hoping to make videos of my remaining letures but use a Zoom session for case discussion; these woudl be at the regular scheduled class time of 6pm - 8:45pm. I will let you know on email and in Canvas when these been finalised.

A significnat change will be the swith to Canvas from my regular (this) website. Canvas should now be your point of reference for the course. The original course website (this page) will remain her as a hitorical record and as a means of accesssing course materials up to the mid-term.

You can get information about the corona virus epidemic here.

Syllabus B189 — Spring 2020 (up to the mid-term)

Room on-line
Instructor: Simon Rodan
Office: Zoom meeting room ID: 408 418 8457
Phone/text: 1-408-418-8457
Office Hours: Tuesday / Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Email: simon.rodan@sjsu.edu

Course Description

Integrative capstone seminar analyzing inter-relationships of managerial decisions/actions within and between the firm and its environment. Applies multi-disciplinary techniques to diagnose and recommend actions appropriate to specific company situations, using case method.

Prerequisites: COMM 100W or ENGL 100WB or LLD 100WB. The course is restricted to graduating seniors only.

Program Level Learning Objectives

  • To sharpen students' ability to think critically, logically and strategically.
  • To diagnose business situations from a strategic perspective.

Course Learning Objectives

By the end of the course students should be able to demonstrate an ability to:
  • Apply the following strategic analyitical perspectives to unfamiliar business situations
    • Value-price-cost framework
    • Industry and competitive analysis (Porter’s 5 forces model)
    • The Resource Based View of the firm
    • Generic strategies
    • Economies of scale, experience and learning
    • Diversification
    • Acquisition
    • Transaction costs economics and vertical integration
    • Network externalities
  • Apply the knowledge, tools and techniques you have studied in your courses in economics (ECON 1A, 1B), accounting (BUS 20, BUS 21), marketing (BUS 130), operations management (BUS 140), management and organizational behaviour (BUS 160), finance (BUS 170), and QBA (BUS 190) in the context of a business simulation.

Class schedule

Jan 27th, 2020
1. Introduction to the Course and the Simulation
To prepare: Buy the book - “Strategic Management 3rd edition Concepts and Cases”
Download - “Supplemental Readings in Strategy”
Download - Business Policy Game manual
Class agenda:
  • Purpose and learing goals
  • Information you will need
    • Text book - On-line, customized version of Frank Rothaermel’s book “Strategic Management 3rd edition Concepts and Cases”
    • Other required reading - accumulated handouts in “Supplemental Readings in Strategy”
    • Cases
  • Simulation: The Business Policy Game Simulation
  • Exams
  • Research paper
  • Submitting assignments using Canavas
  • Grading
  • Teams
  • Introdution to the Business Policy Game
    • Key functions
      • Sales & marketing, demand forcasting
      • Production and operations management, scheduling and capacity planning
      • Accounting, financing and cash flow management
    • Software interface
    • Marketing mix
    • Demand forecasting
  • Four ‘quick fire’ quarters
  • Decision Schedule
  • Feb 3rd, 2020
    2. Foundational Corner-stones
    To prepare: Financial Measures handout
    Bertrand and Cournot - Two models of oligopolostic competition. THIS READING IS OPTIONAL
    Class agenda:
  • The Income ( ‘P & L’ ) Statement
  • Lecture / discussion – Bertrand and Cournot
    • The Demand Curve
    • Bertrand’s model
    • Cournot’s model
  • Presentation slides: Bertrand and Cournot
    Feb 10th, 2020
    3. Generic Strategies, Scale and Learning
    To prepare: Rothaermel, Chapter 6 "Business Strategy: Differentiation, Cost Leadership, and Blue Oceans"
    Supplemental Readings, Chapter 7, "Generic Strategies"
    Rothaermel, Chapter 1 "What Is Strategy, and Why Is It Important?
    Accounting exercise
    Class agenda:
  • Lecture / discussion – Generic strategies
  • Video – Fiat Chrysler Warren Plant Press ~ 00:10-01:00. 02:11-02:22
  • Video – Redbull Racing - Four wheel tire change
  • Lecture / discussion – Profitability, Scale and Learning
  • In-class exercise – Accounting exercise ( download the questions here: Accounting exercise )
  • Presentation slides: Generic strategies
    Profitability, Scale and Learning
    Assignments due: Accounting exercise
    Feb 17th, 2020
    4. Industry and External Analysis
    To prepare: Frank Rothaermel, Chapter 3 "External Analysis: Industry Structure, Competitive Forces, and Strategic Groups"
    Chapter 1, “Competitive Strategy”, Porter, M. E. (1980), Free Press
    Supplemental Readings in Strategy: Chapter 4 "Porter's 5 forces"
    Supplemental Readings in Strategy: Chapter 5 "More on Bargaining Power of Buyers"
    Exide case (up to "Manufacturing, Employees, and Facilities")
    Class agenda:
  • External Analysis
  • Negotiation exercise
  • Case discussion – Exide case (up to "Manufacturing, Employees, and Facilities")
  • Presentation slides: Industry Analysis
    Feb 24th, 2020
    5. Internal Firm Analysis - The Resource Based View
    To prepare: Frank Rothaermel, Chapter 4 "Internal Analysis: Resources, Capabilities, and Core Competencies"
    Supplemental Readings in Strategy, Chapter 6, "The Resource Based View"
    The Air Express Industry
    Airborne Express in 2002
    TeleDanmark in 1995
    Class agenda:
  • Internal Analysis
  • Please read The Air Express Industry for the industry background to Airborne Express case
  • Case discussion – Airborne Express in 2002
  • Anecdotal evidence – TeleDanmark in 1995
  • Presentation slides: The Resource Based View of the Firm
    Assignments due: 360 Evaluation #1
    Mar 2nd, 2020
    6. Internal Firm Analysis - The Resource Based View Continued
    To prepare: Frank Rothaermel, Chapter 4 "Internal Analysis: Resources, Capabilities, and Core Competencies"
    Supplemental Readings in Strategy, Chapter 6, "The Resource Based View"
    Class agenda:
  • Internal Analysis
  • Case discussion – Nucor in 2001
  • Presentation slides: The Resource Based View of the Firm
    Mar 9th, 2020
    7. Mid-tem Exam and BAT
    Class agenda:

  • Mid-term exam
    1 ¼ hours, open book
    Use the link below to submit your answer.
  • Assignments due: Mid-term exam